Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a Blue Day In Jerusalem As McDonald's Finally Gets Kosher Certification

After nine years of negotiations, the McDonald's hamburger chain and the Jerusalem rabbinate reached an agreement last week whereby the restaurant branch in the Jerusalem bus station would receive their long sought after certificate of kashrut.  The Jerusalem Post reports that they will have to change the signs, uniforms, and paper goods from red to blue, and stop using the famous golden arches symbol on employees' uniforms.  Originally, the rabbinate insisted that the corporation change the name of the kosher branches to McKosher, but the company refused to do so.

Only 24 of the 153 McDonald's restaurants in Israel are kosher, but most of the kosher ones do not have kashrut certification from the rabbinate.  Until now all of the branches, kosher or not, displayed the familiar red and yellow colors on their signs, on uniforms worn by store personnel, and on the disposables served with the hamburgers.

Check out the reactions that JPost TV got from customers interviewed at the newly hechshered branch in the Jerusalem bus station in the video below.

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