Sunday, January 3, 2010

Comedy Showcase: Avi Liberman and His Israel Comedy Tours

What do you get when you're an American standup comedian and you take three other comedians on a tour of Israel?  Lots of laughs and funds raised for a worthy cause.  That's what Avi Liberman has been doing, bringing top American comedians to Israel twice a year since 2001.

The shows that he has staged have raised money for multiple charities and have recently been devoted to the Koby Mandell Foundation, which works on behalf of terror victims' families and is named after the 13-year-old who was murdered by terrorists near his Tekoa home on May 8, 2001.

The Los Angeles-based comic has just completed his latest set of performances at major English-speaking population centers around Israel.  Together with Mark Schiff, Steve White, and Butch Bradley, Liberman has kept them laughing in Modi'in, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.  Here is a clip from a previous Israel tour with comics Gary Gulman, Dwight Slade, and Craig Robinson.

Liberman has performed for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and faced audiences in Las Vegas.  Born in Israel and raised in Texas, he has been on stage in comedy clubs from Los Angeles to New York.  He's no stranger to television, having appeared in many TV series and on CBS's Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.  Here is Liberman's latest Late Late Show apppearance:

(Photo by Joe Hyams)
(A tip of the kippa to Esther Kustanowitz for bringing this to our attention)

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