Friday, January 22, 2010

Israeli Army Under Attack - The Enemy? Rugelach and Bourekas

The Israel Defense Forces are actively engaged in a fierce battle against chubbiness.  Rugelach and bourekas served at army meetings are being blamed for attacks on the soldiers' health and fitness. 

In a report, Yossi Yehoshua writes:
Head of the IDF's Combat Fitness Division, Dr. Avi Moyal, said he wants to put an end to this problem; in recent days, Moyal distributed a special document among commanders where he  urged them to change things in the IDF by educating soldiers on healthy lifestyles and encouraging them to make changes to the refreshment menus being offered in military bureaus.
According to Moyal, the rugelach and other kinds of pastries – which have been traditionally served in the IDF for years – must be replaced with lighter items such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Moyal noted that the senior commanders at the General Staff should set an example to the lower military echelons.
Two weeks ago bourekas and pastries were removed from Israel's cabinet meetings and replaced with fresh fruits and granola.  The army decided to follow suit. 

We at Jewish Humor Central think it's a shame to deny Israeli soldiers rugelach, probably the greatest incentive to attend meetings in the first place.  Why couldn't they just ask them to limit their consumption?

If you agree, but haven't had the pleasure of making and eating fresh-made rugelach, we present a quick and easy recipe and technique in this video from the Culinary Institute of America.  Here's a link to the recipe.  

Click on the image below to watch rugelach being prepared by a graduate of the CIA.  No, not the Central Intelligence Agency, the Culinary Institute of America.  Enjoy!

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