Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Ready For Rosh Hashanah: Gefilte Fish From Scratch...And In Yiddish

Last month we posted a story titled "Look Out, Rachael and Emeril -- Here Comes "Feed Me, Bubbe."  The post was about a grandmother in Massachusetts, known only as Bubbe, who is the star of an online cooking show.

Now the Bubbe of "Feed Me, Bubbe" may have some competition.  Earlier this year, Bubby Chanele Gonshor of Montreal visited her granddaughter, Frayda Gonshor Cohen of Berkeley, California, and showed her how to prepare gefilte fish from scratch -- from buying the fish in a store to serving it.  

In this video, Bubby Chanele shows every step along the way, narrating in Yiddish, while English subtitles make it easy to follow even for anyone who doesn't understand the mamaloshen (mother tongue).

We don't know if, after watching it, you're motivated to try the day-long process yourself, or to take one of the easy ways out, like buying gefilte fish off the supermarket shelf in jars, from take-out stores, or in pre-shaped frozen loaves to finish cooking at home.  But either way, you're bound to have a renewed appreciation for the loving efforts of countless grandmas, bubbes, and bubbys who have prepared this traditional dish for generations of children and grandchildren.  Enjoy!


  1. I smelled the fish cooking in the pot. Bubbe is delightful.

  2. Wonderful and inspiring. The start of a new career. I look forward to Chanale's next demonstration- How about her sponge cake?

  3. I loved watching this.

    I miss my grandma. She didn't make gefilte fish but she made the best blintzes I ever ate and I was too young to be interested in cooking when she died. I have her recipe but would love to have gone through the procedure with her, just like with Bubbe.

  4. I wish I had a bubby to do this with. It brought back memories of days gone by.