Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Ida Rosenberg: Start The Week With Yenta Comedy

If you haven't encountered her yet, meet Ida Rosenberg.  Ida, Linda Richman (Mike Myers' mother-in-law and hostess of Coffee Talk on Saturday Night Live), and Dame Edna Everage
(played by Australian comedian Barry Humphries) are kindred spirits.

We'll be seeing more of Ida in posts to come, but we'll introduce her to you in this clip of her chatting about leaving Boca to go home to Astoria for the Bat Mitzvah of her granddaughter Britney.

But who is this yenta, really?  "She" turns out to be Terry Roth, a 59-year-old musician/entertainer, a YouTube presence also known as Zipster08, who plays multiple characters on his YouTube channel.  Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more visits with Ida.

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