Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Funny Israeli Commercial: "How Do You Say McDonald's In English?"

Here's another in our series of funny Israeli commercials.

A couple of American tourists ask an Israeli cab driver where they can get an authentic local salad - juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumber, finely chopped onions, olive oil, and lemon.

The cab driver, obviously English-challenged, calls his dispatcher for help in translating the name of the restaurant that he knows will give the tourists what they want.  Then comes the punch line:  Eich omrim McDonald's b'Anglit? (How do you say McDonald's in English?)

There's a second joke at the very end that's easy to miss.  The tourist says "It's wonderful."  The taxi driver hears the last syllable, ful, and thinks she's saying the dressing is "ful", a paste made from fava beans.  He thinks he's correcting her and says, "No ful, techina."


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