Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Binghamton University Students Stage "My Big Fat (Mock) Jewish Wedding"

First there was Tony and Tina's Wedding, then The Godfather's Meshuggener Wedding, and then My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  

Last November, the Jewish students of Binghamton University's Chabad House took on the roles of bride and groom, officiating rabbi, and all of the other roles in a typical Jewish wedding, to produce and act in their own production, My Big Fat (Mock) Jewish Wedding.

Virtually nothing was left out, with students assuming the roles of friends and relatives greeting the happy couple, dancing wildly, escorting the bride and groom at the badeken and chosson's tish, grandparents with canes walking down the aisle, the ceremony under the chuppah, and of course lots of food.  

Nothing about the wedding was different from the real thing, and if you weren't clued in and wandered into the reception room, you wouldn't know that it was only a mock wedding.  The Chabad rabbi sitting in the back row had a big smile on his face as the flower girl threw petals onto the red carpet and as the bride was escorted by her parents to the chuppah.  He must have had great satisfaction that the event was a success, gave the students an education about Jewish wedding customs, and provided a venue for acting and turning a learning experience into a real simcha.

Here is the video showing all of the highlights of the "wedding."  Enjoy!


  1. Who says an Orthodox Jewish wedding is a "real" Jewish wedding? Modern Jewish weddings come in many shapes and forms. Shame on the college students at Binghamton for not embracing pluralism and recognizing diversity in Jewish practice.

  2. What?? the Talmud explains every detail of the Orthodox Jewish, is the tradition exactly as ever was from the times that Moshe recieves the Torah.

    Moshe was 40 days in the heaven only to recieve the Torah.If Moshe only recieve the Sefer Torah, must be 1 minute, but if he was 40 days, he get more that the Sefer Torah.He learn the Mishna, the basis of the Talmud, and also the explanation.There, is explained every Law of the Torah, including wedding.

    A Conservative, or Reform, don't keep the original way that the Talmud explains, and have no basis, because the Talmud is from G'od, and the reform wedding, where changed(reformed), and is just another human opinion...