Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Pastrami Sandwich In New York: And The Winner Is...

Mill Basin Kosher Deli in Brooklyn. That's what The New York Daily News concluded in a new reader poll. In Tuesday's paper, staff writers Jacob E. Osterhout & Amanda P. Sidman reported:
Mark Schachner has owned the Mill Basin Deli for 37 years . His pastrami sandwich has drawn many a follower. For $9.95, it's made to your liking (but he prefers homemade Russian dressing and coleslaw) and is prepared with a secret rub — the ingredients of which only Schachner and his loyal workers know.

"The magic is in the rub, which has a lot of pepper, I can tell you that much," Schachner, 57, says.
Another trick? He steams his pastrami every morning not once, but twice, which leaves the meat juicy but eliminates the fat. The result is a sandwich so good that one may not be enough.
The deli and restaurant, at 5823 Avenue T in Brooklyn, is under the supervision of Rabbi Israel M. Steinberg.  They sell many of their specialties online.

If you have to see it to believe it, join the owner and reporter for a tour of the deli in the video below.

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