Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Simon Konianski", French Comedy, Showing At Jewish Film Festivals

Simon Konianski, a French comedy with English subtitles, has been making the rounds of Jewish film festivals around the world.  It's scheduled to be shown next at the Maine Jewish Film Festival from March 26 through March 31.

Here's a brief synopsis of the plot:

Simon Konianski, age 35, returns to live, temporarily, with his father, Ernest. They succeed in making life miserable for one another. To add spice to this situation, Uncle Maurice and Aunt Mala, Ernest's brother and sister, meddle in everything and notably, try to find a "nice little Jewish girl" for Simon to marry.
When Ernest passes away, Simon fulfills his last request which was to bury him in the village where he was born – in the depths of the Ukraine.

And so Simon finds himself caught up in an event-packed road movie in the company of his paranoid old uncle, his aunt who endlessly nags him about his "goy dancer", his six year old son, his father's body and his ghost – and also a rabbit. (Not to mention his ex, Corazon, who hassles him by phone.) The journey will be nothing like a cruise in the Caribbean.

If you're going to be in Portland the last week in March, the festival would be a good destination. Otherwise you'll have to join us in waiting until this film is released to Netflix and for purchase as a DVD.We'll let you know when it's available. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. 

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