Thursday, February 24, 2011

Israeli Comedy Sketch - "First Time In New York"

Here's a comedy routine to get today off to a good start. An Israeli tourist with a very limited English vocabulary, in New York for the first time, tries to order something in a restaurant.

Everything he asks for gets complicated because he and the waiter just barely understand each other and the tourist is confounded when he is repeatedly asked to clarify the way he wants each dish prepared.

But there's no need for more commentary -- just enjoy the comedic exchange.  The clip is subtitled in Hebrew, but the skit is self-explanatory without the titles.

This skit appeared on Israel's Channel 2.  We don't know the date or the name of the program, but it was just posted on YouTube last week.  If any readers can supply these details, please do so via a comment. A tip of the kippah to Gershon Lehrer for identifying the waiter/manager as Israeli actor, comedian, and theater director Shlomo (Moni) Moshonov.