Thursday, June 24, 2010

eBay Pulls Ad for "Yiddishe Momma" As Man Tries To Sell His 63 Year Old Mother

A management consultant living in London tried to auction his 63 year-old mother on eBay this week after "having enough of her exploits in trying to find love."

It didn't stay up for long.  eBay pulled the ad on Monday becaused it breached its policy on selling "human body parts and remains."

As Robyn Rosen reported last Friday in The Jewish Chronicle,
When 63-year-old grandmother Sandi Firth asked her son to put her dining room table on eBay for her, she had no idea it was not the only thing he was planning to sell.
The next day he called to tell her that he had placed another item in the Collectibles category on the auction website - his very own "Yiddishe Momma".
James Doyan, a 38-year-old management consultant, said he decided to auction his mother, who lives in Leeds, after "having enough of her exploits in trying to find love".
He said: "My twin nieces have just had their b'not chayil and she was getting so over-involved, she's been driving me crazy - so I decided to do something about it."
On Monday, the father-of-two from Crouch End, North London, posted a photograph of his mother alongside the title: "My Yiddishe Momma for sale. Beautiful, great cook, educated, articulate, family focused, caring - priceless."
The description reads: "After investing in date sites and not having much luck on the friends' referral scene, I have resorted to try and generate interest by selling my Yiddishe Momma on eBay.
"My mum is a fantastic woman who is a prized friend and nobody can quite understand why she can't find companionship."
He also writes she is in "pretty good working order. No real defects or signs of wear and tear to note".
Her demands in a man are simple: "You will need to be strong, committed, honest and loyal - over 5ft 10" tall and meet her criteria on table manners, being a gentleman, general knowledge, sense of humour, global awareness, travel destinations, art, theatre."
The starting bid begins at £1, but so far there have been no offers. Bidding closes at 11.15am on Tuesday.
"I'm a bit impulsive and just decided eBay is the best way to generate interest in something," he said.
"She has her own friends in the Leeds Jewish community, but this could reach out to people she might not have links with."
Mr Doyan said his mother, a member of Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue, had been "unlucky in love".
Ms Firth, who runs her own market research company and has been married twice before, said she was "shocked" by her son's action, but later, after giving it some thought, admitted that she found it "hilarious".
"I've been on JDate and answered ads in the JC but it's all been a bit of a disaster," she said.
"One person only spoke about his family and another said he was 5ft 6 in when he was 5ft 2in.
"My son is very innovative and has a wonderful way with words. I have had some rotten times and he has been through them with me.
"At the end of the day, it's a cattle market out there.
"It would be nice to meet someone normal and trustworthy - which they haven't been so far.
The Jewish Chronicle printed an update on Tuesday, reporting on eBay's removal of the listing:
On Monday, eBay had pulled the page with the explanation from the Trust and Safety team that it does not allow “live or dead people or human body parts” to be listed. Prohibited body parts include organs, bones and blood but human hair is allowed.
It also said Mr Doyan may be required to take a tutorial before being allowed to sell again.
According to Mr Doyan, about 400 people had looked at the site and the highest bid placed was £1.60 (US$2.30)
“I thought it was hilarious that they thought I was trying to traffic my mother,” he said. “I could have put her on eBay and offered the bidder a locket of hair because that’s the only thing you can sell.
“I’m done with it now. It’s taken up so much of my time. I got quite a few emails, some were perverted but other had lovely messages.”

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