Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Joke to Start Your Day: YOU Talk to the Dog!

While leading the Friday evening services, the Rabbi noticed a member of the congregation, Bernie, walk in with a St. Bernard dog. The Rabbi, horrified, asked the Cantor to continue the service and went to talk to Bernie.

The Rabbi asked, "What are doing here with a dog?"

Bernie replied, "The dog came here to pray."

"Oh, come on." says the Rabbi. "I don't believe you.  You are just fooling around; that's not a proper thing to do in temple."

"Honest," says Bernie, "Its true!"

"Ok", says the Rabbi (thinking he would call Bernie's bluff), "then show me what the dog can do."

"OK" says Bernie nodding to the dog...The dog proceeds to open up the barrel under his neck and removes a yarmulke, a tallis (puts them on his head) and prayer book and actually starts saying prayers in Hebrew! The Rabbi is so shocked he listens for a full 15 minutes.

When the Rabbi regains his composure, he is so impressed with the quality of the praying he says to Bernie. "Do you think your dog would consider going to Rabbinical school????"

Bernie, throwing up his hands in disgust says, "YOU TALK TO HIM! He wants to be a doctor!"

(A tip of the kippah to Jewish Joke du Jour for bringing this joke to our attention.)
If you don't believe that dogs can talk, check out this video.  If you listen carefully, you can even hear him blow a mean tekiah gedolah.
Shofar blowers, watch out.  You've got competiton!

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  1. I need more humor like this in these sad times. Whats funny is my father is a veternarian!