Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Funniest Israeli Commercials - Fifth of a Series: Piraeus Feta Cheese and Zorba's Dance

Continuing our series of funny Israeli commercials, check out this one by Tnuva, the Israeli dairy company.  Tnuva's product line includes Piraeus Feta Cheese, "With the taste of Mediterranean love."

In this commercial a flirtatious young man shows off in a restaurant by tossing an olive into the air.  As he swallows it, it lodges in his throat.  Going into a choking fit, he drops a plate.  Thinking he's starting a dance, others in the restaurant break plates, shout "Yassou!" and launch into an episode of wild Greek dancing to Zorba's Dance.  Have a laugh and enjoy!

And if you don't remember the dancing scene in Zorba the Greek (1964) with Anthony Quinn, just scroll down and watch it with us.