Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nachas, Mensch, Nudnik, and 60 More: Jewish Pride Expressed In Vanity License Plates

As you drive on the highway or pass parked cars, do you ever notice license plates with Jewish, Hebrew, or Yiddish words and themes?  Don't we all, at one time or another?

Well, some people make a hobby of it.  Melanie Rubin of San Diego, California, has accumulated a collection of photos of plates that make a decidedly Jewish statement.

Rubin, a writer for the San Diego Jewish World, works at the Jewish Community Center and participates in Jewish events at other venues throughout San Diego County.  That makes her well-positioned to spot and photograph Jewish-themed license plates wherever she goes. 

The San Diego Jewish World maintains the photo collection on their web site where you can see all 63 plates.  Misha Marmar, a Russian singer of Yiddish songs, has recorded a video, singing Vi bist du gevein to accompany a slide presentation of many of these license plates.  Enjoy!


  1. I was first surprised and then proud of the Iraqi war veteran who simply put "Jewish" on his license plate. It's a great way to make his point.
    Sharon M.