Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funniest Bar Mitzvah Invitation Ever: What Really Happened When Jacob Met Esav

A family in Tel Mond, a small town in Israel between Ra'anana and Netanya, planning their son's Bar Mitzvah later this month, came up with a unique way of inviting their guests:  A film takeoff called What Really Happend When Jacob Met His Brother Esav.  It was meant only for their invited guests, but some of them posted it on YouTube.

So far more than 75,000 people have viewed it.  We wonder what will happen if all of these viewers of the video decide to accept and show up at the synagogue where Eyal will read the parsha of Vayishlach and chant the haftorah.  We hope they have lots of schmaltz herring and single malt scotch on hand. 

Mazal Tov!  Enjoy the video!


The film used as a basis for the invitation is a real movie, Jacob, made for TV in 1994, and available on Netflix (without the fake subtitles, of course.)  The soundtrack is from another source.  It sounds like Adiemus to us.  If you recognize it, please comment below.

(A tip of the kippah to Dan Mosenkis for bringing this gem to our attention.)



  2. It's been -- what? -- 11 years, and I still think this is the greatest bar mitzvah invitation ever. (And I loved the follow-up video from the party, too.) Happy birthday, Eyal!