Friday, November 19, 2010

Shabbat in Liverpool: 25 Shabbat Classics With Beatles Melodies

Shabbat and the Beatles.  

Those are two words we never expected to see in the same sentence.  Well, Lenny Solomon and his Shlock Rock band have brought the two together in a new music album that may forever change the sounds of Shabbat.

The album has 21 tracks with 25 Beatles melodies, from the welcoming of the Sabbath with Shalom Aleichem through the Friday night and Saturday morning services, zemirot at the table, and Havdalah to end the day of rest.

Just in case you're not familiar with Shlock Rock, it's a Jewish Rock Band that teaches Jewish ideas through music using song parodies, original music in both English and Hebrew and children’s songs. 

Solomon started the band in 1986 and since then they have released more than 30 albums, many more than Allan Sherman and other parodists of pop music.  They see their mission as encouraging Jewish pride, identity and awareness and helping to promote Jewish continuity through music. Shlock Rock has performed over 2,000 shows in the United States , Canada , Australia , South Africa , Israel and England.

The album is available from the band's website for $12.99 as a CD or $10 as a download, with free shipping through the end of December.  The website has samples of all 21 tracks on the album.

Here's a trailer for the CD, with excerpts from some of the songs.  Enjoy, and Shabbat Shalom!

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