Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Indian Jewish Comedian Uses Logic To Prove There Are No Jews In This World

Samson Koletkar, son of a Jewish father and a converted Hindu mother, has developed a stand-up comedy routine to prove that there are no Jews in the world.  Using comedic logic, which isn't taught in college but probably should be, he turns the questions he usually gets about his ethnicity into a funny explanation of how he is more Jewish than Abraham's son Isaac.

Koletkar is the world's only Indian Jewish Stand-up Comedian.  Born and raised in Mumbai, and now living in San Francisco, his comedy is a unique perspective on life as an Indian Jew in the West. 

Listening to Koletkar, we were reminded of pilpul, the art of textual analysis used by yeshiva students to prove a point by citing sources, some obvious and some far-fetched.  We have used comedic pilpul, for example, using citations from the Torah and Talmud to "prove" that talking in shul during services is not only not prohibited, but actively encouraged.  How?  Let's save that story for another day.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Koletkar's humor.