Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jewnion Label Debuts Funny New Mythical Union Clothing For Hanukkah

Back in February we introduced you to the Jewnion Label line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, aprons, and other items emblazoned with funny mock union labels such as Union of Jewish Handymen and International Order of Challah Makers.

Now, just in time for Chanukah, the line has been expanded to 17 mock unions, guilds, associations and federations including the Loyal Order of the Latke and the International Association of Dreidel Spinners.
Each design is available on the clothing, aprons, mugs, buttons, water bottles, tote bags, and 12 of the unions are represented on a 2011 wall calendar.

The designs include:

Loyal Order of the Latke
International Association of Dreidel Spinners
International Order of Challah Makers
Amalgamated Menschen International
Union of Jewish Handymen
Union of Jewish Handywomen
Guild of Jewish Mothers
B.O.O.T.H.S. International:  Sukkah Builders
United Apple Dippers and Honey Drippers
International Federation of Shofar Blowers
Associated Jewish Outdoorsmen
Associated Jewish Outdoorswomen
Benevolent Brotherhood of the B'rit Milah
Allied Matzo Ball Makers League
Federated Gefilte Fish Grinders & Fressers Guild
International Assocation of B'nei Mitzvah
United Hamantaschen Makers and Fressers

Jewnion Label, launched in early 2010, is the brainchild of husband and wife Joshua and Stacey Abarbanel.  Joshua Abarbanel is a visual artist, curator, and a professor of art,specializing in new media. He is co-author/co-designer of the 2007 book A Field Guide to Household Bugs: It’s a Jungle in Here, and a member of the Jewish Artists Initiative of Southern California. 

Stacey Abarbanel is director of external affairs for a Los Angeles museum. She is author of the first and second editions of the Newcomer’s Handbook for Los Angeles.

Tracing the origins of the Jewnion Label, the Abarbanels say on their website:
Our logos owe a nod of appreciation to vintage trade emblems, which we admire for their graphic design.  But also, we note that in medieval times European Jews were often denied access to trade guilds and land ownership -- perhaps that's why so many of us "call the guy" -- so there's some poetic justice in Jewnion label "rising up" (See the logo for the International Order of Challah Makers) and celebrating our many quirks, customs, holidays, and traditions.
All of the Jewnion label products are available online at the Cafe Press website.  They are currently offering $3 off a $30 purchase by using the coupon code PRETG3 through Monday, November 15.

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