Thursday, November 18, 2010

Indiana Jones Film Parody: Searching For Lost Gefilte Fish Recipe In "Graters Of The Lost Carp"

No, it's not Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.  But it's another nice Jewish archaeologist, a gastronomic archaeologist named Israel Stein.  He's searching for the species of carp that made the original skinless gefilte fish recipe famous, an ancient recipe thought to be hidden in the ruins of the lost city of Chelm.

Graters of the Lost Carp, a newly released comedy short, also touches on some serious topics such as the education of women in the ghetto and how present day Poland is attempting to bring back Jewish culture in a country with very few Jews.

The half-hour film incorporates elements of time travel, special effects, and liberal doses of schmaltz.

Here's a synopsis of the plot:  

Israel Stein, the world’s most intrepid Gastronomical Archeologist, embarks on his greatest adventure yet when a lucky clue points him toward the legendary lost city of Chelm, source of a gefilte fish recipe that reportedly was to die for.

Following a trail of clues to Poland, Israel learns that Rachel Liebner, a gastronomical geneticist has gotten there ahead of him. But when a third party tries to steal the recipe for himself, can the two scientists find a way to bring the recipe back for the good of all mankind?

Released in time for Chanukah, this short film should appeal to anyone who enjoys spoofs, satire, parody, and takeoffs on popular movies.

The DVD is available from the producer's web site for $15 with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada.

Watch the trailer below to get a taste of this very (gefilte) fishy story.  Enjoy!