Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Already Hanukkah At Jewish Humor Central

Don't look now, but the first Chanukah candle is only 24 days away.  At Jewish Humor Central we love to celebrate holidays, so we've got some good stuff planned for this month.  We started yesterday with a list of recommended funny books to read and to give.  We may do a second list of funny books in a couple of weeks.  Look also for cartoons, jokes, bubbes making latkes, choirs singing Hanukkah songs, unusual Chanukah gifts, and who knows what else.

We're not going to be all Chanukah, all the time -- just a few posts each week as we get closer to December 1.  Most of the time we'll keep posting the usual mix based on what's happening in the Jewish world.

To get in the Chanukah mood, we're sharing a video from called How to Understand the Hanukkah Story.  It's a good summary and refresher course.  Enjoy!

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