Friday, December 10, 2010

Animated Battle Of The Cliches: Texas Businessman Meets Orthodox Rabbi

One of the hottest new tools in online video technology is text-to-speech with animation.  The technique is being promoted by a company called xtranormal.  Their funny videos have gone viral on the internet.  On Decmber 1 we posted a dvar Torah with Sarah Palin and Larry King, using a YouTube video created with xtranormal.

Here's another one we found yesterday.  It depicts an encounter between a foul-mouthed Texas businessman and a kvetchy rabbi.  Both spout cliches common to their respective cultures.  Most of the fun comes from listening to the odd pronunciations of the Yiddish and Hebrew words that are most likely not in the dictionary, with the text-to-movie software having to guess how to pronounce words (usually incorrectly) like chutzpah, shlemiel, shmendrik, verklempt, mazel tov, schlub, and tuches.  Enjoy!


  1. This stuff is REALLY not funny at all.

    I would rather see things like " Old Jews Telling Jokes"

  2. This one is nasty and unnecessary. How about something funny?