Thursday, December 9, 2010

Only In Israel: Bloopers, Misspellings, And Funny Pictures

A groom taking a cell phone call under the chuppah.
A parked camel in a row of parked cars.
A graphic sign for a boy's urinal.
A sign in Hebrew:  Piece of cake or Piss off kike?
A tallit bag embroidered with initials spelling Schmuck.
A street sign for Hardon Lane.
A yahrtzeit candle vending machine.
Six children in Santa Claus costumes in Mea Shearim.
Spiderman and Shtreimel-wearing Chassidim at the Western Wall.
Apple flavored Durex condoms with honey for Rosh Hashana.

What do these funny images have in common?  They were posted on YouTube yesterday as scenes making up a fast-moving two minute video showing some of the unexpected and hilarious signs and sights you'll encounter if you keep your eyes open for them when you travel in Israel.

These funny pictures and mistakes in English and Hebrew signs were taken by Mirjam Weiss and collected from Facebook by Zvi Levran.

Don't blink while watching this video or you'll miss some of the funniest moments.  This is one that you'll want to view a few times to catch all of the details.  Enjoy!