Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I Light It" - Another Great Pop Three-Song Parody For Chanukah ("Baby", "Heartless", And "I Like It")

This Chanukah seems to be the season for Jewish parodies of pop music.  NCSY, the Orthodox Union's teen organization, partnered with the a cappella group Six13 to create a street video combining elements of three very popular songs with new lyrics appropriate for Hanukkah.  It's called I Light It and it's based on Baby by Justin Bieber, Heartless, by Kanye West, and I Like It, by Enrique Iglesias.

How did this atypical combination of cultures find its way to YouTube?  According to the OU website, which describes the making of the video,
Chanukah lends itself to fun, and NCSY Jewish Youth Leadership is taking full advantage of the holiday with the release of its YouTube video starring the band Six13 (as in 613 mitzvot), with lyrics about Chanukah and NCSY programs, and featuring New Yorkers from all walks of life modeling t-shirts and dancing in subway stations, on the street, and wherever the camera wandered. According to NCSY International Director Rabbi Steven Burg, the aim of the video “is to introduce or reinforce the concept of Chanukah to all Jews, affiliated or otherwise, in a fun and non-threatening way.”
Here's the video for your enjoyment throughout Chanukah.

Just in case you're not one of the 399 million (no, it's not a misprint) who viewed Baby, the 44 million who viewed Heartless, or the 56 million who viewed I Like It on YouTube, here are the three original songs that I Light It is based on.


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