Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chanukah Around The World: Fireworks And Vodka At Street Festival In Mariupol, Ukraine

On Chanukah, we like to visit faraway cities to take part in celebrations just the same, and yet different from what we experience in our own neighborhoods.

Last year, we took you to Beijing to observe a Hanukkah celebration in China's capital city.  Today we're sharing a street festival that took place a few days ago in Mariupol, the second largest city in Ukraine.
In Mariupol, as everywhere in the world, Chanukah is Chanukah, or maybe it's Hanukkah, but the candle lighting, blessings, singing, dancing are slightly different, reflecting the local atmosphere.  

If you look carefully, you'll recognize some of the songs, but not all of them.  You'll taste the vodka and Coca-Cola, and what looks like donut holes.  You'll watch the dancing, to celebrate and to battle the cold weather.  And you'll watch the fireworks, yes, fireworks illuminating the sky above the giant menorah.  Enjoy!

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