Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Gefilte Fish" - A New Short Comedy Film From Israel

At the most recent Tribeca and San Francisco Jewish Film Festivals, a short (10 minutes) comedy titled Gefilte Fish was screened.  The Israeli film by Shelly Kling-Yosef, in Hebrew with English subtitles, is about a bride trying to reconcile her family's tradition with her own feelings.

Gali's family has a long-lasting tradition. Every budding bride must prepare gefilte fish for the wedding party, to guarantee a successful marriage. When Gali's mother and grandmother give her a living carp to cook, Gali is torn between her need to follow tradition and her sympathy for the fish. 

This isn't the first time we've blogged about gefilte fish and live carp.  Back in January we reported on an influx of live carp in Lake Michigan and reflected on Barbara Cohen's classic children's book, The Carp in the Bathtub, which comes to mind in viewing this new film.  Then in August, we posted a video of a Montreal Bubby preparing gefilte fish from scratch while narrating the process in Yiddish.  And just last month we posted a review and trailer of Graters of the Lost Carp, an Indiana Jones parody about the search for a long lost gefilte fish recipe.

In the video below, we present the entire new film Gefilte Fish, not just the trailer.  So take a ten minute break, sit back, and laugh a little.  Enjoy!



    You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy these tales,

    BUT, "It wouldn't Hoit"

    "Ein Yiddisher Boychick"

  2. Touching and sweet and funny and reflective - I enjoyed this a lot! "Thank you" to the filmmaker(s) and actors!

  3. Touching, rather than humorous. When is mankind going to desist from this holocaust against the animal kingdom?

  4. I can't see the movie. Youtube tells me the video is privat...
    could you please publish it again! I'm doing research on Jewish films for my studies!