Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Israeli Comedy Classic: Group Therapy

Israeli humor isn't quite the same as American humor.  For one thing, political and cultural correctness doesn't get top priority when it comes to entertainment in Israel.  There's a popular TV show called Ktzarim, which literally means shorts, as in short films or sketches.  It's actually based on a British show called "The Sketch Show."  While the sketches have some of the sharp humor of Saturday Night Live, they tend to be much shorter and sharper edged.

Here's a short sketch with English subtitles that we hope you'll enjoy.  It moves so fast that you'll probably have to watch it a few times to let all of the humor sink in.

Participants in a group therapy session on conquering fears announce their fear to the group, and almost everything that happens next is a direct hit on someone's fear, causing them to react, and the reaction causes a chain reaction until everything goes over the top.  The fears expressed are:
- Fear of shouting
- Fear of apologies
- Fear of things that repeat themselves
- Fear of quiet embarrasing moments
And the last participant, a latecomer, barks when he hears other people's fears

Put them all together and you get a few hilarious moments.  Enjoy!

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