Friday, August 5, 2011

Israeli "Saturday Night Live News Update" Lampoons Times' Tom Friedman

While many Americans sit down to watch Saturday Night Live's News Update segment, Israelis are watching their favorite comedy satire TV programs, including Eretz Nehederet and Latma TV.

Latma TV was created to serve as a vehicle for lampooning Israel's left-leaning media. It, too, has a regular weekly news segment called Tribal Update, which is used to sock it to institutions and individuals that take leftist positions, especially in the ongoing conflict between Israel and its neighbors.

The program is broadcast in Hebrew, but occasionally we find a complete segment that has been fully translated to English words which appear on the bottom of the screen.

In this recent episode, Latma's resident comedian assumes the persona of New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman and doesn't let up for a minute in mocking his condescending attitude and love for himself and his written works.  Enjoy!

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