Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Time For Cholent! No, Not the Dish -- The Card Game

There's a new card game in town, just right for the whole family to play on a long Shabbat afternoon. After getting up from the dining room table after putting away a pot full of cholent, what could be better than playing the game of Cholent!

Just in case you haven't had the pleasure of eating a bowl of this heavyweight traditional dish, cholent is a delicious, piping-hot stew eaten by Jewish people all over the world, typically on Shabbat. The tradition has produced thousands of unique cholent recipes, many of them going back generations.

Cholent, the Game! is not a video game that you play on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. It's a non-electronic, old-fashioned card game that is likely to take its place on your shelf next to Uno, Milles Bornes, and Go Fish.

Players are dealt a secret recipe card and venture out into the shuk--or market--to collect the ingredients they need, like meat, potatoes, eggs and spices. Using their gelt--or money--, players outbid each other for the ingredients. But don't forget your chevra! The other characters you meet in the market, like The Rebbe, The Bubby, the Prophet and more--will help you get your ingredients before anyone else.

The game, created last year by three 27-year-olds from Elizabeth, New Jersey, is available from for $19.95. Here's a video describing the game.  Enjoy!

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  1. I've played this and it's tremendously fun for everyone in my house, aged 9-38! Even if you're vegetarian, give it a try :)