Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PJ Library Offers Free Monthly Jewish Books for Kids 6 Months to 8 Years Old

If you have a child between six months and eight years of age and live in a community served by the PJ Library, the child could receive every month, free of charge, a new age-appropriate children's picture or chapter book that teaches Jewish values, often including a humorous story.

These books are delightful, first-rate stories, some prize-winning classics by famous writers and major publishing houses. If you're familiar with children's books, you may recognize some of the titles that we selected from the complete list of 146 books, including:

The House on the Roof, by David Adler
The Rabbi and the 29 Witches, by Marilyn Hirsh
All-of-a-Kind Family, by Sydney Taylor
Emma's Poem: The Voice of the Statue of Liberty, by Linda Glaser
It Could Always Be Worse, by Margot Zemach
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback
King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, by Blu Greenberg and Linda Tarry
Shlemiel Crooks, by Anna Olswanger

If you don't live in one of the 135 communities in the USA, Canada, and Israel served by the program, you can purchase a subscription for a child or grandchild for $60 a year, which will deliver one book a month by mail.

Most of the funding for the program is provided by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. The PJ Library is soliciting additional funds from sponsors, especially from communities that are not yet participating in the program.

To us, this looks like an offer no one can refuse. Here's a video describing the program.  Enjoy!

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