Friday, August 12, 2011

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin Speaks on Jewish Humor and Jewish Culture

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin knows something about Jewish Humor. In fact, he knows a lot about Jewish Humor. His book, Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews, sits in our bookcase next to his books on Biblical Literacy, Jewish Literacy, Jewish Values, and Jewish Ethics.

Thanks to the speakers bureau that books his speeches to a wide range of audiences, we now can have a brief look at one of his speeches on Jewish Humor, without having to pay his speaking fee of more than $10,000.  

Okay, so it's only four minutes long, but we'll take what we can get.  In this clip, Rabbi Telushkin retells a few jokes as part of an entertaining and amusing presentation explaining how humor in the Jewish culture has shaped the language and other aspects of Jewish life.  Enjoy!


  1. Since this is a Jew telling slightly nasty jokes about Jews we can chuckle and say how wry and self-deprecating...