Thursday, August 25, 2011

Israeli Soldier Turns His Tank Into a Musical Instrument

We've heard of turning swords into plowshares, but turning a tank into a musical instrument?  That's what an Israeli soldier is doing.

The Bible says a time of universal peace will come when swords will be turned into plowshares. For Israeli reservist Dror Gomel, that time is now. The 36-year-old has transformed his military tank into a melodic percussion instrument.

Gomel, a professional percussionist and special education teacher, can be seen in the video, which was shot in southern Israel, playing the front end of his tank to the delight of his infantry. The words he recites: “No more war, no more bloodshed”, were famously uttered by the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at the 1978 signing of the peace accords with Egypt.  
France24 International News reported last week:
Dror Gomel, 36, is a percussionist and special education teacher, who lives in the Beit Kama Kibbutz in Israel’s northern Negev Desert. He, like most other Israeli citizens, did his compulsary military service as a young man, and is now a reservist. Reservists in Israel are required to undergo training and active duty for a few weeks every year.
Ever since I became familiar with this army vehicle, I have been playing it. It just so happens that now my friends decided to film it. The main message is that although we excel at fighting with this vehicle, we prefer to transform it into a musical instrument. If only all the instruments of war would turn into musical instruments.
Before publishing this, I thought a lot and consulted with friends about the responses I might get: Am I hurting the image of the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces]? Does the IDF come across looking weak? Do the Israeli soldiers look unserious? Will the message of universal peace translate?
In the end, I decided to publish it because I believe the video sheds light on the positive and human side of the Israeli soldier. If only all the instruments of war would turn into musical instruments.”


  1. It is a very appropriate wish/prayer at the end of the words of our talented percussionist. Plow share or musical instrument. If we could just live our lives without the need for "war machines"!!!! This is a wonderful video which shows the humanity of our soldiers and the diversity of our tanks. Please G-d that future generations can live and grow in PEACE!!!

  2. BTW - it's a troop carrier and not a tank