Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Reason To Visit Israel

In 2008, in celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary, the Israel Government Tourist Office for the Midwest Region sponsored a contest for original video commercials about travel to Israel. Participants in the contest were asked to produce a short video commercial depicting what they believed is “the best reason to visit Israel.” Participants uploaded their videos to YouTube or Google Video.

The grand prize winner received two free roundtrip flight tickets from Chicago to Tel Aviv, courtesy of El Al Israel Airlines.

The contest was conceived as part of a larger initiative by the Israel Ministry of Tourism to increase positive imagery of Israel on the internet. The Midwest Office’s director, Tourism Consul Uri Steinberg, explained: “Not only do we want to encourage the posting of positive images of Israel to video-sharing sites, but we also hope that the contest will motivate individuals to share their favorite aspects of Israel with the rest of the world in a fun and creative way.” 

And the winner is.....

Here's the video that won first prize.  Enjoy!

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