Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking In Yiddish: Drink L'Chayim! Horseradish and Jalapeno Vodka With Nut Cake

The Yiddish cooking ladies are back with a new segment, courtesy of, the Yiddish-language web version of the venerable Yiddish newspaper, Forverts.  

This time they're cooking up a L'Chayim to celebrate their biweekly internet show.  How do you cook a L'Chayim?  By making flavored vodkas infused with (we're not kidding) horseradish and jalapeno peppers.  There's also a vanilla infused vodka for anyone who can't take the heat.  Top it off with a baked-from-scratch nut cake and you've got what it takes to celebrate.  And English subtitles are provided so everyone can follow along.

We introduced you to the cooks, Rukhl Shaechter and Eve Jochnowitz, when they started the series Est Gesunterheit, in a blog post last May.  They have a lot of experience in cooking and in speaking Yiddish.  So you can learn how to plan for a real celebration and pick up some Yiddish expressions at no extra cost.  L'Chayim!

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  1. I wish they had come up with a chocolate vodka, too.
    Sharon M.