Friday, October 22, 2010

Nice Jewish Guys Pose In New Pinup Calendar For 2011

With two successful selling seasons behind him, Adam Cohen is at it again, publishing the 2011 edition of The Nice Jewish Guys Calendar in time for Chanukah.  Cohen's day job is running a television company that produced The Simple Life for FOX and E!

The calendar, first conceived more than ten years ago, sold out quickly last year, its second year of publication.  It pictures 12 "Jewish Looking" young men in a variety of scenarios.  What are some characteristics of a Jewish look?  Non threatening, trustworthy, not necessarily the stud, but he has a nice job and he's good to his parents.

In the video below, Cohen was interviewed at the launch of the 2010 edition and introduces some of the Nice Jewish Guys who appeared as Mr. January, Mr. February, etc.

The calendar is starting to appear on internet shopping sites such as and  We think it's about time for a Nice Jewish Girls Calendar, too.

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