Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Infidel, Funny Film About Jews And Muslims, Now Available On DVD And Netflix

Back in March, we told you about a new funny film called The Infidel.  The British film opened in the UK in April, and in the US in May.  The DVD was released on Tuesday and now it's also available as a Netflix rental.

The basic plot is that Mahmud Nasir (Djalili) may not be the most observant Muslim, but deep down he is a true believer. His life is turned upside down when he learns not only that he was adopted—but most scandalously, his birth mother was Jewish and his real name is Solly Shimshillewitz.  

As Mahmud tumbles into a full-scale identity crisis, a true comedy of religious errors unfolds.  This outrageous farce was written by British comedy legend David Baddiel and directed by Josh Appignanesi.

The film, starring Omid Djalili (an Iranian Baha'i comedian) and Richard Schiff (Toby Ziegler on The West Wing,) has received good reviews.  L.A. Weekly calls Djalili’s comic persona like Homer Simpson, but Muslim.
The two leads make a terrific comedy team, says The Hollywood Reporter, ―with Djalili’s deadpan style of physical humor perfectly complementing Schiff’s hilarious, fast-paced wisecracking.  Neil Genzlinger, writing in The New York Times, called it "an amusing little film."

The Daily Beast declares:
With Muslim jokes, Jewish jokes, liberal gay-friendly Imams, and fundamentalist Muslim characters with sunglasses and hooks, it’s hardly surprising that The Infidel, directed by Josh Appignanesi, has caused a sensation.
The single disc comes stuffed with irreverent bonus features, including a commentary with the director and cast, making-ofs, interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

You can see the trailer in our March post.  In the video below, Baddiel and Schiff reminisce about studying the haftorahs for their own bar mitzvahs and Schiff explains how it helped him in his acting career by teaching him the importance of timing.  Enjoy! 

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