Friday, October 8, 2010

Comedy Showcase: Meet Robert Weil, aka Rabbi Mordy Katz

Australian businessman Robert Weil has them laughing all over the world, doing standup comedy in the US and Israel as well as his native country.

As Rabbi Mordy Katz, Weil is in demand at weddings and other special occasions.  His shtick is posing as a rabbi from Borough Park, and his jokes cover many traditional Jewish bases -- mothers-in-law, weddings, funerals, missionaries, and more.

"Rabbi Mordy" is at his best delivering his deadpan humor for the bride and groom and their guests, as you can see in this video from a wedding in Melbourne.  He is looking for bookings, but you'll have to contact him in Australia at +61-419-536-238 or Enjoy!


  1. Love it - but it should have gone on longer!

  2. Did a great act at Doron Shooter's Barmitzva in London UK April 2011.
    Hope he can be at our many other grandson's Barmitzva's!
    Grandpa Shooter