Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Israeli Comedian Explains Being Jewish To Foreign Workers

Israel has more than 200,000 foreign workers and most have had little or no previous contact with Jews.  Yair Nitzani, an Israeli comedian and TV news host has been trying to bridge this cultural gap by explaining Jews and Jewish life to three workers in the TV studio and the many others watching at home.  

He did a series of short explanations on a show called Behind the News:  We Explain to Foreign Workers.  

Nitzani's translations from Hebrew to English leave something to be desired.  As a result we get some unintentionally funny translations in addition to the funny explanations.  For example, the Hebrew word zarim can be translated as foreign, but also as strange.  Nitzani uses strange, which sounds strange, but maybe that's the point.  Anyway, we hope you enjoy him explaining to three "strange workers" about the "three types of Jewish" (meaning three types of Jews) living in Israel, how to tell them apart, and what it takes to become Jewish.  Ouch!

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