Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Human Horse" Goes Wild At A Chassidic Wedding

Chassidic weddings are known for wild expressions of joy and dancing, but we think that this one takes the (wedding) cake.

If you were viewing our Jewish Humor Central posts last February and April you may remember the wedding antics of the 20-year old identical twins from France who are studying at the Lubavitcher seminary in Brooklyn. They entranced the thousands of wedding guests, juggling, riding unicycles, and playing with fire.

Now they have some new shtick. With one occupying the hindquarters of a horse costume and the other one in the front, with fake legs making him look like the rider, they trot around the dance floor. Then the wedding guests want to ride the horse. First, a young boy mounts and rides for a while. But that's too inviting for some men who want their turn. Two chassidim in full dress with shtreimels on their heads take turns in mounting and riding the horse. One of them is too heavy and the horse falls down. 

But this sturdy horse quickly recovers, gets up, and launches into a wild dance, kicking its legs this way and that. The dance is so wild that the rear end twin falls out, leaving the horse's front end to itself. Minus its rear, the front end keeps trotting and finally rides off into the west. Enjoy!

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