Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Yiddish Ladies Are Back With A Purim Feast

Yes, the Forverts ladies are back, cooking and chatting in Yiddish. Last year we posted some of their concoctions in May, October, and December.

This time Rukhl Schaechter and Eve Jochnowitz are making a Purim Feast.

What's in a Purim Feast or Seudah?  As far as they're concerned, it's Sweet and Sour Meat, Potato Souffle, and String Beans, or as they say in Yiddish, A Peerim Seedah mit Essik Fleisch, Kartoffel Kigel, un Strishkes, all based on recipes in a Jewish cookbook from 1914. If that menu turns you on, Est Gezinterheit! (Eat in Good Health!).

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