Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moscow Synagogue's Turetsky Choir Brings Beautiful Jewish Music to World Stages

In 1989 Michael Turetsky organized the male choir of the Moscow Synagogue. One year later, the choir made its debut in the Philharmonic Halls of Tallinn and Kaliningrad.

The Turetsky Choir has since performed on many famous stages around the world, including the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, the Kremlin Palace, the Bolshoy Theatre, Carnegie Hall, (New York) Merkin Concert Hall (New York) Jordan Hall of the Boston Conservatory, Gala Tarbut, Teatron Jerusalem (Israel), King's Palace (Madrid, Spain), in the buildings of the United Nations, and Congress (Washington, DC).

The choir's repertoire includes performances of classical, Broadway, and pop music, but Turetsky has a special affinity for Jewish and Israeli music. Today we're sharing a stirring medley of popular Jewish and Israeli music called Кошерное попурри (kosher potpourri) that the choir performed recently in a Russian concert hall. Enjoy!

(A tip of the kippah to Toni for bringing this video to our attention.)