Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kosher Pig Is Making the Rounds and May Be Coming to Your Home Soon

Joy Cohen is a 23-year old Jewish beauty in an Asian body.  As a baby, Joy was adopted from China by the Cohens, a rich Jewish family, so she may look Asian on the outside, but she really is Jewish on the inside. She feels rejected by her biological parents, and as she naively brings the two families together, tension and conflict between the two cultures develop immediately…so Joy’s happy ending may not be so happy, after all.

That's the basic plot of Kosher Pig, a situation comedy that has been making the rounds of 23 film festivals around the country. It gets more complicated, with a non-Jewish boyfriend who acts gay when Joy's parents are around because they don't object to her having a gay friend but are not comfortable with her seeing a goy.

It's not often that we bring you a full length video, but since this one (20 minutes) is a pilot for a TV sitcom series, and it's available for showing, we thought we'd give you a full portion of what might be coming into your home on a regular basis.  So give it a look, and vote "like" or "don't like" by checking the boxes below. If you give us your comments, we'll pass them along to the producer.

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